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Who are we?

A Data Management, Analytics and Business Intelligence Consultancy with a Project Management focus implemented, our aim is to provide your organization with actionable insights and drive your business to success. 

Established in 2023, we provide our clients with the newest and leading software. Combined, our Consultants have years of experience in all sectors, from Health, Infrastructure, Property, Sales and everything in between, across different countries and are proud to already have leading organizations as clients across the UK.

Our team utilise BI Reporting Tools, ETL Software, Databases, Warehouse, Lakes, Project Management Studios and more to transform your data from meaningless, overwhelming and difficult-to-understand into consumable, accurate information on which we can perform complex analysis and give you the confidence you need to move forward with decisions. 

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Our Values

At ALYS&MARTIN, we know the decision to work with a consultancy isn't one to be taken lightly. Business decisions need to be based from accurate and reliable sources, and can be the difference in success and failure. 

That is why we uphold our five core values. 


    Integrity and Honesty 

Integrity and Honesty are at the core of our day-to-day working lives. 

We know there is no trust unless we can uphold these values and provide complete transparency. This is why you will have a designated system in place to raise any and all questions, and access to our Project Management Software, specific to your business, so you can see every step we take. 


As part of our Integrity value, we won't leave you high and dry at the end of a contract. We will provide you with thorough documentation, resources, automation and recommendations to continue your business solution.

    Diversity and Inclusivity 

Diversity and Inclusivity are at the core of our organization. Our employees come from different backgrounds and different walks in life. 

We know everyone has something to contribute, and pride ourselves on being a diverse community. The ideal solution to your business problem can come from anyone, regardless of ethnicity, gender, sexuality, disability and age.

ALYS&MARTIN actively encourage applications from female and minority candidates and partners. We know these groups are overlooked in STEM. 

   Data Visualisation 

We believe simplicity and communication are the keys to well-performing and easy to consume data. This is replicated in every report we provide.


Our expert use of BI reporting tools and well determined processes allow you to be by our side from the beginning of your data journey, all the way through to visualisation and beyond.

   Data Truth 

Data Truth begins at the source. This is why we will have a custom approach, based on your requirements to gather your data, clean, transform and house it in a secure, reliable warehouse.

Once ready to be analysed, we have a rigorous testing and automation software proven to save over 30% of testing time when comparing datasets, reports and analysis with the source data. 

  Innovation and Security

Innovation and Security are two measures we consistently look to provide. We like a challenge, and look to provide you with innovative but secure solutions.

As you have the final say in all software utilised and full demonstrations provided, you can be assured in the quality and security, while the innovation comes from within our hard-working team.

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